Thursday, March 31, 2011

Syntax and Conventions

Writing in any language follows rules and conventions. For example, the English language requires that each sentence must contain a subject and verb to be legitimate. You must also capitalize the first letter of a sentence, and end each sentence with punctuation such as a period or question mark. This is the syntax,or grammar of the English language. Each programming language has a similar set of rules commonly referred to as the syntax.

 Vb Script has several rules and conventions for its syntax:


 Vb Script is a case-insensitive language, meaning that the language will treat these words the same: example, Example, EXAMPLE

White Space:

VBScript, like HTML, ignores spaces, tabs that appear in statements. VBScript does, however recognize spaces, tabs, and newlines that are part of a string. We will talk more about strings later in the course.

x=0 is the same as x = 0

All of these examples will produce the same results. It is a good idea to put some spacing in your code to make it easier to read.

You do need a space between a programming command/function and the data it is working on.

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