Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ASP Keywords

Keywords are predefined reserved identifiers that have special meanings to the compiler. It is best not to use them as identifiers in your program.
The following table lists the ASP keywords that correspond to the ASP built-in objects (also called intrinsic objects), ASP page directives, or global.asa elements.

Parent object
@CODEPAGE directive none
@LANGUAGE directive none
@LCID directive none
@TRANSACTION" directive none
Abandon method Session
AddHeader method Response
AppendToLog method Response
Application object none
Application_OnEnd event Application
Application_OnStart event Application
ASPCode property ASPError
ASPDescription property ASPError
ASPError object none
BinaryRead method Request
BinaryWrite method Response
Buffer property Response
CacheControl property Response
Category property ASPError
Charset property Response
Clear method Response
ClientCertificate collection Request
CodePage property Response
CodePage property Session
Column property ASPError
Contents collection Application
Contents collection Session
ContentType property Response
Cookies collection Request
Cookies collection Response
CreateObject method Server
Description property ASPError
End method Response
Execute method Server
Expires property Response
ExpiresAbsolute property Response
File property ASPError
Flush method Response
Form collection Request
GetLastError method Server
HTMLEncode method Server
IsClientConnected property Response
LCID property Response
LCID property Session
Line property ASPError
Lock method Application
MapPath method Server
Number property ASPError
ObjectContext object none
OnEndPage event method custom object
OnStartPage event method custom object
OnTransactionAbort event ObjectContext
OnTransactionCommit event ObjectContext
PICS property Response
QueryString collection Request
Redirect method Response
Remove method Application
Remove method Session
RemoveAll method Application
RemoveAll method Session
Request object none
Response object none
ScriptTimeout property Server
Server object none
ServerVariables collection Request
Session object none
Session_OnEnd event Session
Session_OnStart event Session
SessionID property Session
SetAbort method ObjectContext
SetComplete method ObjectContext
Source property ASPError
StaticObjects collection Application
StaticObjects collection Session
Status property Response
Timeout property Session
TotalBytes property Request
Transfer method Server
Unlock method Application
URLEncode method Server
Write method Response

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